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What Our Customers Say!

Gateway Automotive has excellent customer service. I've been
taking my vehicles to Gateway Automotive for a couple years.
They do a great job at a fair price. I would use and reccomend them again. "   - Mike S.

I have been a long standing customer of Gateway Automotive. Steve and his team have had the opportunity to service both my personal vehicles as well as a few of my company cars. It is a real pleasure to have an auto repair shop you can really trust, the work has always been performed in a timely manner at a resonable price. This is a place I can really count on to take care of my vehicles and keep them running their best as Steve has always stressed "preventative maintenance" will help your vehicle beat the odds. He must be on to something one of my vehicles is 13 years old and still running strong !!! Thank you Gateway Automotive. - Nathan J.

"Gateway Automotive is the best.They have a very professional and knowledgeable staff that is also fair and honest.They get our vehicle's repaired and back to us in a timely manner.We have alway's been completely satisfied and it is because of their exceptional service." - Steve A.

It has been really great having Gateway Auto a repair shop that I can trust. I know nothing about cars and their upkeep. In the past, I have just wanted to avoid the mechanic because I didn't trust anyone. Now, I can get things taken care of more efficiently which is better in the long run for me and my vehicle. Their towing service save us time and aggravation as well! - Nancy M.

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